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Carrick Speedway held its first race meeting in September 1968. Next season, 2017/18 will see Carrick hold its 50th year of racing.

The track was built and funded by Dave Powell and Lex Sturnberg. The Carrick Sedan Club purchased the track in 1969 after Dave and Lex had a disagreement. The first full season of racing in 1969/70 saw the legendary Geoff Stagg take over a promoter.

By the 1970/71 season, the track was just about financially gone so the Tasmanian Formula 500 Club paid $10,000 plus a tractor, grandstand and grader to be equal partners with the sedan club. The tractor was hopeless and the grader was in such “great” condition that it only made it to Westbury and was never seen or heard of again.

Racing was held of a Sunday afternoon for many years as the track had no lighting. The racetrack wall was made of 2 inch wooden planks which in itself caused many issues for drivers.

Over the years we have seen various promotors including Geoff Stagg, Barry Charlton, Winston Badcock, Marcus Bakes, Maurice Jones, John Medcaft and Michael Tubb until the last 5 seasons where the Carrick Speedway Drivers Association and the Tasmanian Formula 500 Club have appointed a management team to run the track. The current team is entering it’s third season and includes three members from each division: Tim McKinnell, Jason Cox, Andrea Cox, Barry Youl, Steve Jessup and James (Bluey) Clements.

The team is in the process of gathering historical information regarding the track to put together a history publication for the 50th anniversary. If you have any details you would like to pass on, please feel free to contact the track.


1981 East Coast Speedway Monthly

1976 Neville Birchall - FJ

1976 77 Aus Saloon Car Champship Fred Seery and Allan Blake



1976 77 Aus Saloon Car Champship1



1970 David Sternberg leads Tim Moncrieff and Gary Clard