** CHECK IN POLICY – at our Events. **

All patrons need to use the Check in TAS app on entry to our venues, regardless of how long you will be in the venue.

You will be required to show the Green Tick to Security or COVID volunteers to prove your successful checked in including those traveling with you.

If you are unable to check in, our Security or COVID volunteers will collect details and check in manually on paper or via the Check in TAS app.

At all entry points Security or COVID volunteers will have a tablet setup with the Check in TAS app on it ready to enter details of people as required.

Will the Check in QR CODE be published before the event?Yes – The QR Code will be published on the facebook page Saturday morning for you to be able to check in when you are lined up to enter the venue.

We ask that you have the GREEN tick on your phone ready to show our Security or COVID volunteers. This will help speed the process of ensuring that all patrons have checked into the venue.