** FACE MASK POLICY – Face Masks Required at our Events. **

All patrons* are required to wear face masks at all events. This is for both indoors and outdoors.

Each person is responsible for supplying their own fitted face mask while attending an event. The mask must be worn during the event, including while queuing for, or entering / exiting from the event.

You do not have to wear a face mask while you’re sitting in your car watching the racing. However, the moment you step out of your car the face mask must be on.

You need to be wearing a face mask while you are queuing to enter the Venues. This includes the wearing of masks while sitting in your vehicle queuing to enter the venue.

Who is responsible for providing face masks?
You – any person attending an event must bring a mask with them. Event organisers must inform patrons prior to the event that masks must be worn, and that the individual is responsible for providing their own mask.

*Children aged under 12 years don’t need a mask