Frequently asked Questions

What time does racing start?

Gates open 2pm
Racing from 5pm
Finish time strictly by 11pm

Be sure to check our Facebook page for up to date information.

Where do I park?

Once you come through the main gates you will enter the Speedway car park. It caters for approximately 500 vehicles. Parking is free.

Where can I sit?

An admission ticket allows access to all banks and grandstand seating. There is no reserved seating.

Can I bring food to the track?
Patrons may bring their own food items to the venue.

Can I bring drinks to the track?
Yes. However please note NO GLASS can be brought onto the premises.

Can I bring alcohol to the track?
No. Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway is an alcohol free venue.

What type of food and drink is available?
The track has food and drink outlets serving hot food such as hamburgers, hot chips, pies, hot dogs, jacket potatoes, lattes and cappuccinos, etc. A selection of cold drinks from the Schweppes range is available.

Where is smoking allowed?

The issue of smoking on the banks has been a problem since the Government implemented the regulations.

These are not Carrick Speedway rules but Tasmanian Government Legislation that we are required, as a facility who has the public enter, to enforce the legislation.

As the signage states, there is no smoking within 20 metres of the competition area which in our case is the track and also within 20 metres of seating area – spectators.

That means all smokers need to move off the spectator banks to the designated smoking areas (7). Please use the buckets provided to dispose of cigarette butts.

Where do I purchase tickets?
Tickets are available at the front General Admission gates for race nights. EFTPOS facilities are available at the gate.

Rainout Policy

Should the meeting proceed and is weather affected the following rainout policy applies.

In the event of a declared rainout, Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway will honour rainchecks, but will not refund money – no exceptions.

Your numbered ticket stub is your raincheck. Hold all original tickets. No replacements will be given for lost, or tampered tickets. Rainchecks will be honoured at our next race meeting. Not transferable to future meetings.

How to use a Rain Out ticket: Simply come to the gate with your Rain Out Ticket for admittance to our next race meeting.
Should the meeting be cancelled due to rain after the Eighth event has been completed the meeting will be declared as run and their will be no rain checks or refunds.

Can I enter the pits?

Yes, pit tickets are available to purchase from the Pit Gate. For those without a Speedway Australia licence or Mechanics Insurance Card you will be required to purchase a Speedway Australia One Day Pit Licence. You must be over 16 years to enter the pit area (unless racing or hold a valid insurance card), be wearing enclosed footwear and not under the influence of alcohol.

  • Nominated Drivers: $5
  • Speedway Australia Insured: $10
  • Non Speedway Australia Insured: $30 (includes insurance)

Any person under the age of 16 cannot buy a One Day Licence. They must possess personal pre purchased insurance.

For those with a drivers licence not racing and those who have a mechanics/pit crew licence you do not need to purchase a One Day Pit Licence as your licence includes insurance.

If you have your own insurance:

  1. You must produce the actual Speedway Australia licence to the pit gate staff.
  2. Emails, printed or on your phone, are NOT ACCEPTABLE (unless they are fast tracked and the emails states this).

Pit Walk

Pit Walk will be held between 3.30pm and 4.00pm

2.00 p.m. Gates Open
3.45 p.m. Officials Briefing
3.30-4.00 p.m. Pit Walk
4.00 p.m. Drivers Briefings.
4.30 p.m. Track Packing
5.00 p.m. Racing starts

Entry to the pits for PIT WALK will be via the main pit gate and the gate on turn 3. Exit will be via the same two gates only.

Drivers are reminded that no vehicle is to be moving in the pits during pit walk.

At the end of pit walk, drivers will be called to drivers’ briefings. Only people required at drivers briefing will be admitted. (e.g. drivers, guardians, officials). All other people will be required to leave the pits.

Teams are reminded not to leave valuables laying around when the pits are cleared. Security and Officials will clear the pits checking all vehicles and transporters. Once the pits are cleared, those with an authorised armband will be readmitted.

This protocol is required to ensure we follow all Speedway Australia Racing Rules and Regulations and limit the liability for any potential insurance claim. Everyone’s assistance will ensure this is an easy process and allow the pit walk to continue in the future.

We thank you for your assistance.

Children in transporters.

We understand the inconvenience of small children being at the track when parents are racing but under no circumstances must any child enter the pits in a vehicle.   We have had occasions were children are hidden in transporters taken into the pits, then need to gain access to the spectator banks. This will be not be taken lightly and there will be severe consequences for those drivers involved.

What is the Concession Card Holders Policy?

The BLUE pension card, SENIORS CARD, and STUDENT CARD allows you entry at the Concession price, the card must be shown to be given entry. NO CARD NO ENTRY AT THE CONCESSION PRICE.

With a COMPANION CARD the holder of the concession card pays entry and the Companion is entitled to free entry so long as card is shown.

HEALTH CARE CARDS are not accepted as a concession, so you pay the adult price.

What type of merchandise can I buy?

Carrick Speedway has the Cranes Combined Merchandise Shop on turn 3. Various items are available including t-shirts, hoodies, drink bottles, keyrings, thermal drink mugs, Frisbees, stubby holders and hats. EFTPOS facilities are available.

Carrick Speedway also offer divisions and teams the opportunity to sell their merchandise in our shop.  All details can be found on the Sale Agreement Form under the “FORMS”tab.

Electronic One Day Drivers Licence

Carrick Speedway will only accept Electronic One Day Driver Licences up to 5pm the day prior to racing. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate documents for the division you will be racing with.

What is the Rainout Policy?

In the event of a declared rainout, Carrick Speedway Management Ltd will honour rainchecks, but will not refund money – no exceptions. Your numbered ticket stub is your raincheck.

Hold all original tickets. No replacements will be given for lost, or tampered tickets.

Rainchecks will be honoured at any one (1) event (of equal or lesser value, not higher priced) at Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway in the same racing season. Not transferable to future seasons.

How to use a Rain Out ticket?

Choose an “equal or lesser priced” event, from our current season calendar. Present your ticket to the cashier. The cashier will check your numbered ticket stub for validity. If valid, you will be provided with a new ticket.

Can my business sell goods at Carrick Speedway? 

No.  Any business selling goods at Carrick Speedway must have a vendor contract with Carrick Speedway Management.