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Remembrance Night - Modifieds

07/01/2022 Cancelled Weather

Derrick Dunn Memorial - Modifieds

2006Jason Richards
2007Craig Williams
2008Craig Williams
2009Marco Taurian
2010Craig Williams
2011Andy Russell
2012Jake Taurian
2013Andy Russell
2014Andy Russell
2015Craig Williams
2016Trent Quillerat
2017Brad Herbert
2018Craig Williams
2019Brad Herbert

Dean Fraser Memorial - Modifieds (TAS)Production Sedans (QLD)

During the past twenty two years, Bromad Racing & the McGee family have continued to honour the memory of Brody’s father (Dean Fraser) through this memorial race in their former home state of Tasmania. Last Tasmanian race 19/02/2017. But now that the family reside in Queensland and with the ever increasing costs of travel across the water to compete in the event annually, the family with the support of the Tasmanian speedway community have relocated this wonderful event to their new home track, Hi-Tec Oils Speedway in Toowoomba and to the Production Sedan division which the McGee’s currently race…Towoomba Speedway

1997Jason Richards
1998Derick Dunn
1999Craig Williams
2000Craig Williams
2001Jason Mc Pherson
2002Jason Mc Pherson
2003Brett Dawkins
2004Jason Richards
2005Craig Williams
2006Craig Williams
2007Andy Russell
2008Andy Russell
2011Brad Palmer
2012Andy Russell
2013Craig Williams
2014Andy Russell
2015Trent Quillerat
2016Nathan Russell
2017Matt Farrell

Robert “Titch” Jordan Memorial - Formula 500

“Titch” was a stalwart of the Tasmanian Formula 500 Club. He was a man that loved the sport and the drivers. “Titch” was a driver, President, Chief Steward, Scrutineer and most of all a friend to all and would help anyone who required his assistance. He was a driving force behind the bid to save Carrick Speedway and was also a promoter of the track. A true gentleman of the sport and missed by all.
2005/06Matt Redpath
2006/07Neville Beveridge
2007/08Shaun Robins
2008/09Shaun Robins
2009/10Shaun Robins
2010/11Jamie Bricknell
2011/12Jamie Bricknell
2012/13Brad Whitchurch
2013/14Brad Whitchurch
2014/15Marcus Kelly
2014/15Marcus Kelly
2015/16Marcus Kelly
2016/17 Nick Kingston
2017/18Jock Goodyer
2018/19Dylan Beveridge

Ken McKinnell Memorial - Formula 500

Ken was a truly respected member of the Tasmanian Formula 500 Club and a huge contributor to Carrick Speedway behind the scenes. Ken’s son Tim has carried on the family tradition being involved in most racing divisions and on the management of Carrick Speedway.
2009Shaun Robins
2010Shaun Robins
2011Mathew Redpath
2012Dale Peck
2013Nick Kingston
2014Marcus Kelly
2015Nick Kingston
2016Marcus Kelly
26/12/2017Jock Goodyer
24/11/2018Dylan Beveridge
11/01/2020Nick Kingston

Des Redburn Memorial- Modifieds

Des Redburn and the Redburn family have been around since the start. Des’ involvement as both a driver and club member will be always remembered. He was there to build the first ever clubrooms/bar in York Street, fighting through court when they wanted Carrick closed, through to running the pit canteen. A respected and missed member of the Carrick Speedway family.
2004Jason Richards
2005Craig Williams
2006Jason Richards
2007Jason Richards
2008Trent Quillerat
2009Andy Russell
2010Craig Williams
2011Trent Quillerat
2012Andy Russell
2013Jake Taurian
2014Andy Russell
2015Luke Gunn
2016Nathan Russell
2017Brendan Mitchell
2018 Brad Herbert
2019Craig Williams

Geoff Stagg Memorial - Super Sedans

Geoff was heavily involved in speedway from its beginning in the 1960s until the late nineties. He was best known as the voice of speedway in Tasmania but also as a promoter of Carrick in its very early years.
Geoff’s first love was Super Sedans and he was one of the early car owners to have someone else as the driver. The grandstand on the back straight is named in his honour and when told of this prior to death he was very proud and humbled about being recognised in such a way.
Geoff retired from commentary the year before he was diagnosed with Leukaemia and passed away a short time later.

2000Kevin Purton
2001Kevin Purton
2002Kevin Purton
2003Kevin Purton
2004Kevin Purton
2008Phil Townsend
2011Gil Aylett
2012Callum Harper
2013David Nicholls
2014Adam Beechey
2015Gil Aylett
2016Callum Harper
2017David Nicholls
2018Callum Harper
2019David Nicholls
2020Adam Beechey
2021Steve Latham
2022Callum Harper

Ken Tatnell Memorial - Modifieds

Ken was a great lover of speedway and enjoyed being a part of the speedway family! He certainly didn’t have the fastest car or the best bits in or on it, however he always turned up on race day giving 110% to the class and it’s drivers! “There is a lot of family history at the speedway and memories and stories to be told!” Matt Tatnell said.
1993Craig Williams
1994Wayne McLaughlin
1995Brett Tatnell
1996Geoff Henri
1997Craig Williams
1998Craig Williams
1999Craig Williams
2000not held
2001Craig Williams
2002Jason Richards
2003Craig Williams
2004Craig Williams
2005Brett Dawkins
2006Craig Williams
2007Marco Taurian
2008Leigh Taylor
2009Craig Williams
2010Trent Warren
2011Craig Williams
2012Andy Russell
2013Trent Quillerat
2014Andy Russell
2015Trent Quillerat
2016Luke Gunn
2017Craig Williams
2018Trent Quillerat

Mark Triffett Memorial - AMCA’s

Mark began his AMCA Nationals racing career in 2003 after many years as a spectator. Not content with buying a car, Mark built his car at home in his shed. He raced as part of a team for the first two seasons and then went it alone.

Mark raced for four seasons all up until the purchase of a business, which consumed a lot of time and made it too difficult to continue with his racing. Mark was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in August 2015 and was given a life expectancy of three months.

Because of Mark’s fighting spirit and determination to stay with his wife Karen, he survived 9 months from diagnosis. AMCA Nationals Tasmania is proud to present the Mark Triffett Memorial Race.

2016/2017 - 29/11/2016Daniel Brookes
2017/2018 - 25/11/2017 Daniel Brookes
2018/2019 - 24/11/2018Andrew Ryder
2019/2020 - 09/11/2019 Rescheduled
2019/2020 - 23/01/2020Cancelled
2020/2021 - 06/02/2021 Cancelled Weather


Queen of Carrick - Street Stocks

Ladies RaceDani Harrison
Melissa Bowden
Mel Collins

Megan Forrest
Brooke Ferguson Taleah Dolic


Mel Collins Alyssa Riley
Terri Farrell

Brooke Ferguson
Kylie Jetson
Rebecca Hammond
30/11/2019Mel Collins Clair Colman Kayla McKendrick

Ricky Briggs Memorial - Tassie Sixes

30/11/2019Peter Johnston Luke Wilson Mark Bryant

South Pacific - Sprintcar Classic

1981Brett Lacey
1982Garry Rush
1983Max Dummesey
1984Garry Rush
1985Garry Rush
1986Brett Lacey
1987Ian Lewis
1988Les Redpath
1989Garry Rush
1990Robin Dawkins
1991Tony Smith
1992Tony Smith
1993Robin Dawkins
1994David Murcott
1995not held
1996Robin Dawkins
1997Max Dummesey
1998Tony Smith
2000not held
2001not held
2002Tony Smith
2003not held
2004Geoff Lette
2005Jason Dawkins
2006Adrian Redpath
2007Anthony Johnson
2008Adrian Redpath
2009Jason Dawkins
2010washed out
2011Kurt Lutrell
2012David Murcott
2013washed out
2014Ian Madsen
2015Callum Zizek
2016Jamie Bricknell
2017Jason Redpath
2018Jamie Bricknell

Wingless Sprints Tasmania - Annual Charity Dash for Cash
In 2017/18 Wingless Sprints Tasmania began an annual race in aid of charity. Drivers donate their prize money, the division adds a donation, as does Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway. Whilst the money is important, the awareness of these charities is also extremely important.

“We were thrilled when the Wingless competitors contacted us and started the ball rolling,” said Greg Pinkard from the Launceston branch of the Make a Wish Foundation.

“It is an incredible honour to be chosen as the recipient of the inaugural event and we hope it continues for a long time to come.”

11/03/2018Jeremy SmithBradley Walkley Jamie Rolls
24/11/2018Luke RedpathJamie Rolls Bradley Walkley
30/11/2019Luke RedpathBrad Whitchurch Jeremy Smith