Tas Truck Refinishing

Established in 1997 Tas Truck Refinishing offer a wide range of services for your vehicle.

With over 37 years of experience in the transport repair industry, Steve Jessup started Tas Truck Refinishing in 1997, wanting to provide a business which serviced both the large transport companies, down to the smallest individual operator. We are happy to work on all trucks large and small, trailers, tankers, buses and any manner of commercial vehicles.

What We Do

  • Tas Truck Refinishing offers:
  • Over 37 years of commercial  truck repair experience
  • Specialising in insurance work
  • Fleet rebranding
  • General bodyworks and smash repairs
  • All repairs from minor to major
  • Quality spray painting and electronic colour matching
  • Custom painting and fleet design
  • One in-house heated spray booth
  • Professional qualified tradesmen
  • Member of the Fleet choice National Repairer Network

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