Padgetts Pine Bark

Padgetts Pine Bark is well established in the Tasmanian market. Padgett Group is a family owned forestry and logistics service provider. currently operating statewide in Tasmania. Padgetts Pine Bark, are long time supporters of landscaping products for Carrick Speedway.

The product range includes; Soft Fall (Course) 15 mm, Pine Bark (Medium) 25mm and Oine Bark (Course) 50 mm. Padgetts mulches are fully biodegradable and an environmentally friendly product, safe for plants, animals and children.

The pinebark product is created from 100% recycled timber mulch, that is ground to size ranging from 15 mm to 50 mm in length. Padgetts Pine Bark is suitable for mulching and decorative purposes for domestic gardens, playgrounds and large architect projects. It works well as a contrast against garden beds and paths and gives a spectacular finish to any landscape garden project.

As Tasmanias premier distributor, Padgetts Pine Bark supplies barks and mulches to garden supplies in the metropolitan and rural areas and supplies for government departments, playgrounds, landscaping firms and architectural projects, this is something the company values and maintains. Padgetts Pine Bark have been valued suppliers of landscaping product to Carrick Speedway for many years.

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