Wings n Things

For those of you that haven’t heard this name before let me give you a bit of an insight.

Robert Hoskinson and Gaylene Hoskinson are Wings n Things and have been a valued sponsor of not only various drivers in most divisions but also a huge sponsor of the Tas 500 club.

Whenever we have a series we need sponsors for, Rob is the first 99% of the time, the last 3 seasons we have had a bigger blue ribbon event and he’s there again, if not donating wings for the first rollover, its cash for the best presented car.

I always ask Rob for some form of tribute to our sponsors to be presented at our presentation night with it being either wing panels for signage or complete front wings as a display and he always comes up with the goods.

Only this morning he offered sponsorship for our Beyond Blue Dash in February.

Wings n Things also has involvement with Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway through Phil Davey Sheetmetal.
Gaylene just recently retired from racing and had parked the T22 in the back yard.

Today Rob and Gaylene found a new place for the T22 to live out the rest of its life so i would like to introduce you to our new Track, 500 Club and Wings n Things tribute to Formula 500’s.

If you see these two walking the banks at the track please thank them as this is pretty special.

They aren’t hard to recognise as they are always smiling and talking to someone.

Thank you Rob and Gaylene for sticking with us as its greatly appreciated.